Youth With A Mission functions like the vast majority of missionary organizations, on the basis of donations made by individuals and organizations. All YWAM projects are therefore financed by our ministry partners, which raises the challenge for larger-scale projects. Youth With A Mission staff around the world (over 18,000) function the same way, on the basis of a missionary support. Therefore YWAM does not employ its staff, but helps them manage their donations and income tax receipts as self-employed workers.

 Through CanadaHelps, you’ll find a list of the main areas of need as well as the more pressing needs and you will be able to make a donation on line.

Please note: the only transactions allowed on CanadaHelps are for donations eligible for a tax receipt. For example CanadaHelps cannot be used to pay for registration fees or school fees.


There are other ways to make a donation (PayPal, Direct bank transfer), but they won’t allow you to receive an income tax receipt for your donation.

It is possible to assign in advance a gift in your will, via a life insurance, or other means. No need to be rich for this!Every gift is important and appreciated! To receive a free information kit, click

Contact-us directly if you need more information! Thank you!